1. Original music for the film KeramaBlue:

Do you want to test your music compositional skills and create music for a professional film? Do you already have experience in composing music for film? Do you want to show your talent in film/TV music? Then this category is right for you. Equal conditions for everybody, equal start, the same film. Each composition will be unique and original and it is entirely up to you how you will enrich the film in terms of music and sound. More about the film and category here:


2. Original film/TV music composition:

Do you have compositions suitable for film/TV in your portfolio? Has your music been part of a TV/film work? Join the previous winners. Watch the video of last year‘s winner here:

3. Instrumental music:

Submit your instrumental solo compositions, band compositions, from live performance…An original relaxing instrumental music composition is also welcome in this category.

4. Electronic Music For Film:

For all electronic music creators, there is an interesting challenge and a special category for you. Compose music for the animated visual work Perpetual Motion. Category rules here:

5. Original Theater Music:

This category is open to theaters with successful original music of their theatrical performances as well as to those who have already created, are creating or are interested in composing such music for theaters.


Based on your suggestions, especially for this year of the FMC 2020 we open 2 categories:


6. Gospel/Christian:

Intended for solo singers, bands, choirs, music producers in this style. Traditional gospel compositions, contemporary, lofty, worshipped. Studio recordings as well as live performances from concerts, religious events, churches, improvised performances are welcome. Keep the total time in minutes, approx. 3 minutes.

6. Voice:

Let our prestigious judges hear your singing and compete with other singers of different styles and genres. This category is mainly about „you and your voice“. You can join the contest with any composition of your choice and you can sing in your native or foreign language. Send a composition or a sample of your singing and you are in FMC 2020.