Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my composition have to be uploaded in studio quality?

Your composition may not be of studio quality, and you can submit it in the form and quality you can upload it in.

Q: Will the jury evaluate the quality of the recording and production of my composition?

No, the quality of recording or production is not a criterion for evaluating your composition. Each composition will be listened to and analysed separately. The important thing is the composition and your authorial signature that distinguishes it from the competition.

Q: How can I pay to register my song? Can I send money by wire transfer?

You can use any credit or debit card for the payment. The payment will appear in your statement in your own currency. A different form of payment, such as a postal order, a cheque or an account transfer, isn’t possible.

Q: Can I send more than one song to the competition? Will all of my songs get to the jury?

Yes, of course, any number of songs from one author can be included in the competition. The same processing, distribution and rating process applies to each registered song.

Q: Can I engage a song that has already been publicly presented or released on CD?

Yes, it’s also possible to include songs that have been publicly presented or released on CD.

Q: When is it possible to enter the competition?

Registration for the competition is open. You can find the registration form here: More information and rules are available on our website here:

Short film and video competition:

Q: I can’t decide which of my short films to enter. Can I enter more than one film into the competition?

You can enter an unlimited number of short films and videos into the competition. The same process of processing, distribution and evaluation by the international jury is applied for every registered audio-visual work.

Q: Can I enter my short film taken on my mobile phone?

Yes, of course – you can enter films recorded using any technology.

Q: Does my film have to be recorded using a professional camera and equipment?

Our competition accepts all films and videos, irrespective of the hardware and equipment the authors have available for the filming and recording.

Q: Due to my limited budget, my film does not contain original music but uses free samples and audio libraries. Can I enter it into the competition?

Yes – in the film category, there is no condition of originally composed music. It is the film itself that must be original, and only the film will be evaluated.

Q: My film was made three years ago. Is there any time limit or condition about when a film was made?

No – you can enter any film, regardless of its date.

Q: My film is publicly available and uploaded to YouTube. Can I still enter it into your competition?

Yes – you can enter any short film, irrespective of whether or not it is already publicly available

Accompanying Graphic Competition

Q: What is the FMC graphic visual package?

The FMC graphic package is your vision of the FMC’s visual identity and can include various designs, such as: an official poster, banner, flyer, brochure, logo, PR material, and items of musical themes for musicians or something else.

Q: How many designs should my FMC visual package include?

Your graphic visual package may contain any number of designs.

Q: How many FMC graphic visual packages can I add to the competition and what is the amount of the design registration fee?

One FMC visual graphic package can be added to the competition. The participation fee is € 34.

Q: How will I know you have received my design along with the registration fee?

After submitting the online application and paying the participation fee, the participant will receive a confirmation of the competition registration and of a payment confirmation.

Q: When is it possible to enter the competition?

Registration for the competition is open. You can find the registration form here: More information and rules are available on our website here:

Q: Can I add hand-made PR items the functional models of which were created for you to the competition within my vision of the FMC visual package? If yes, do I have to send them by post?

Any original design or product can be involved. Just take a photo of the finished model, include it in your package, upload during the registration and send it electronically.