Below you will find an updated version of FAQ in our contest.

FAQ 2021

FMC 2021-Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. Does your competition have a professional jury or is it decided differently?

We rely on a quality jury with big names from the beginning and your compositions are evaluated by international music and film business experts from the EU, Asia, Australia and the US, who work actively for national television, the largest Asian and Hollywood film studios as well as Netflix. More about the jurors here


2. What prizes are ready for FMC 2021 winners this year?

Prizes in the current year of the FMC are worth more than € 58,000!! More about prizes here


3. I would like to enter into another category in the contest is it possible.

Yes of course you can enter one or more categories in the contest.


4. How do I deliver films with my composition to the animated Sci-Fi film To the Pathfinders of Universe and my Trailer music for a travel documentary film about Iceland for your competition? Should I upload it to a YouTube channel or other online video portal?

You will upload a video with your music composition in mp4 format to our custom made professional registration system. After uploading your film with the composition, you will receive a confirmation of delivery to your email and your film will automatically go to the jury for evaluation.


5. Is it possible to include solo piano compositions that I have composed in the instrumental music category?

Yes, of course, you can register them. More about the category and reg. Form here


6. Does your international competition have an official trophy or certificate?

Of course, we have original custom made trophies for the absolute winners of all competition categories. You can watch the trophy on a video here. All finalists of the competition will receive an official certificate.


7. Is your online registration into any category difficult?

Registration is completely simple and time-saving.


8. When I compete in more than one category, can I advance only in one of them and have a chance to win?

You can become a semifinalist or a finalist in several categories to which you are registered, if the jury selects your music or film.


9. Is it possible to include in the category of instrumental music, in addition, to live recordings of performances, also studio recordings that have already been released on CD?

Yes, of course. It can be already released or presented songs or on the contrary, your author’s compositions that have not been presented anywhere yet.


10. Can I enter my music composition through the link which I provide or do I have to do it through your system?

You can register the music composition through our custom made registration system which allows you to upload mp3 and mp4 files to the appropriate category in which you compete.


11. Is it possible to submit my TV music composition that I have created and composed for a TV series to the Original Music for Film, TV, Ads, Video games category? Can I also enter music for a web tv series?

Yes, of course in a maximum length of 6 minutes and in mp3 format.


12. Is it possible to enter already composed compositions for mobile and computer video games?

Of course. There is a category “Original music for film, tv, ads, video games”. More info about the category here


13. Can I find and watch your competition on social networks?

You can follow us on several social media channels where we actively publish all the news about the competition. We will even reward the most active ones during the FMC 2021. More info and links to our social media can be found here


14. We are a group of active filmmakers and producers working in this business. Is it possible to meet you at one of the international film events and discuss possible cooperation in person?

Of course, we welcome such an opportunity. We are accredited and we regularly participate in the most important and prestigious film and television events and markets for film and music business professionals.


15. We have our music, which has already been a part of theatrical performances, but also one that has not been a part of any performance yet, can we both register them?

Of course, you can register them.


16. Is it possible to register music in theatre performances for children and young people?

Yes, more about the Theatre music category here


17. Can I join multiple categories in your contest?

Yes, of course. You can apply for one or more categories with as many music contributions as you want.


18. Can I apply even if I am under 18?

Yes, but the application form must be filled in and approved by your parent.


19 Can I include more compositions in one category?

Yes, of course, you can include more than one composition in one category.


20. I do not have a PayPal account, can I pay for registration also by credit card?

Yes, you can pay safely with your credit card.


21. Will I have a greater chance of success in the contest when I involve more than one composition?

It depends on every single case and there is no clear answer. Sometimes, another song by the author can considerably help when deciding and show the author‘s complexity, or significantly shift in scoring thanks to a stronger composition from the author‘s portfolio.


22. Do you plan to bring to the competition the opportunity to compose music and create a sound design for a real video game and open such a category for everyone who would like to try it or work on something like that?

We can make you happy, we are opening a new category: “Music for a Video game- Air Missions Hind”. More info about the category here