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FMC 2022 announces the “” film scoring competition.

This is an amazing opportunity for the composing community to compose a musical vision for a visually appealing sequence from the feature drama film “”. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a professional casino, games, and tournaments with the highest stakes, and do not be afraid to experiment in creating your original music.

Whether you are a complete beginner and this is your first experience with composition for professional visual material or you are experienced in composition, this is a great opportunity for all of you to practice, improve and enrich your portfolio.

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All entry fees from the contest help support new musical talents, future composers, and activities for them organized by the non-profit GONG art company.

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Attention DEADLINE EXTENDED‼️ 12th of October This will be the last day to upload your entries.

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Short description

The film’s introductory and competition sequence is framed by a black van driving through a beautiful snowy landscape. The sequence which poetically evokes a fatal turning point in the story. Most of the story takes place in an urban environment – at casino tables.

The feature film “” follows two storylines. The first storyline illustrates the luxurious space of the casino and a gambler clears out one table after the other in an attempt to make as large a fortune as possible. The second storyline is political and linked to officials, oligarchs and similar powers.

We have selected several scenes for you from the first storyline. We believe that it will be interesting, fun work for you, and the members of our prestigious jury are already looking forward to all your competition entries. We wish you good luck and musical inspiration.

Step 1.


Film Scoring Category
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Upload your film to Youtube and set to 'Public'.
Submit your entry using this form.

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    What will the judges be looking for?

    Individuality and creativity of music theme
    How well score suits the visual
    How they handled emotional content in the scene
    How innovative was the composer in the selection of instruments and sounds
    Tips for you

    Be careful not to mix music styles without any apparent visual reason. It is important that the music flows naturally.

    Make sure the music flows naturally and does not sound like pieces of music stuck together.

    Seek an original style for your competition composition and build an original work.

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