Films, tv series, videos with original music


Filmmakers, Production companies, National and Private Television Stations, Indie film artists and Audio-visual content producers may also participate in this category.

You can include music that is part of a finished film, video, or TV series in this category. Submit it as one audiovisual work.

Films and Videos can be of any genre, Experimental, Animated, Documentary, Children’s films, SCI-FI and genre hybrids. The date of their creation is not important.

The main evaluation component in this category will be your original music or sound design. It can engage our jury and you can advance to the semi-finals, final or even become the absolute winner. However, the jury and the organisers can also reward a contestant who does not win, but their work contains something significantly different and unique.

Prestigious international jury members working for Hollywood, European, Asian film studios, National TV stations, Netflix etc. – CLICK HERE

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What the previous Winners said about the FMC?

In the past, we have discovered many very interesting films, videos and serials in different genres from many countries around the world for this category. The works were often visually ambitious; however, we were mainly interested in the sound component of the film and the original music score. We also screened the finalists at the closing gala ceremony, and it was a genuine experience for all the international guests in the hall.


Submit your films and videos in mp4 format with a maximum file size of 500MB to this category with a maximum length of 10 minutes; for longer feature films and videos, select the part you think the best to express your film visually and in terms of music, or prepare an edited version of the best of your audiovisual work for the jury.


After successfully submitting the application, expect a confirmation email about your registration at your email address. Your film will then be automatically delivered for evaluation purposes.


We wish all entrants lots of success in the contest.


The deadline for Films, tv series, videos with original music category is 31.8. 2021