FMC 2021 Winners-Listen here


FMC 2021 Winners- Original music for Film, TV, Ads, Video games


Listen below winning compositions of the Original music for Film, TV, Ads, Videogames category.


Absolute winner: Rubén Contreras (Spain)

      Descendant Of The Sea



2nd place: Shirley Choi (Hong Kong)

      Green Warriors- Now or Never


3rd place: Naveed Dezfoli (USA)

      Not in the Sahara




FMC 2021 Winners- Theatre music


Listen below Original Theatre music compositions from the FMC 2021 winners.


Absolute winner: Enrico Giannini (Italy)



2nd place: Benjamin Lim Yi (Singapore)

      Guang Ling San


3rd place: Maria Massa (Italy)

      Tristissima Noctis




FMC 2021 Winners- Instrumental music


In this category, Compositions have not met required criteria of the instrumental music, that´s why the FMC jury have decided not to award first place.

FMC Jury rewarded only 2nd and 3rd place.


2nd place: Michael Choi (South Korea)

      Across the Ocean


3rd place: Allen Pierre (USA)




FMC 2021 Winners- Films, tv series, videos with original music


Absolute winner: Tommaso Morrone (Italy) – “Albanuova “


2nd place: Samuel Safa – (France)


3rd place: Roberto Mataluni (Italy) – “Night Waltz”