Umelecká spoločnosť GONGThe GONG art company has been involved in cultural activities in Slovakia for nearly 20 years. Its portfolio includes the organisation of a wide variety of cultural events. For 10 years, it has worked with Slovak National Television on the production of one of the most watched children’s music session – Hviezdička (Little Star).

In co-operation with national TV, it has produced more than 500 music video-clips and has produced the same number of songs in its studio. The most successful of them has been released on the selected CDs for which it has earned a gold and platinum disks in its publishing business. It has also released many other musical titles.

It has organised three International Children’s Song Contests titled “Children’s Eurostar”, musical concerts at home and abroad and this year it’s preparing the 27th year of the all-Slovak children’s singing competition Hviezdička. They’ve also collaborated with a number of renowned text writers, TV directors and radio workers, foreign media partners, embassies and cultural institutions. It communicates with local and national media.

Currently, it is preparing new TV projects, international music instrumental competition, international children’s festival and other cultural activities and events. In its musical and publishing activities, it’s currently working on the production of instrumental and film music and collaborating with foreign directors and filmmakers.