Do you compose music for theatre, or do you create music you think would be suitable for theatre? Does your theatre make use of interesting, original music during its performances? Are you a composer who would like to apply their music in theatre productions?

This category then is just right for you. It is open to composers of any age or nationality, theatrical institutions and small or large national or private theatres.


In cooperation with the State Theatre in Košice, the organizers of the unique international music contest Film Music Contest 2020 have opened a new contest category called “Original Music for Theatre”.

The State Theatre in Košice is the category’s main guarantor, and along with the members of the contest’s prestigious international jury, is already looking forward to hearing your original music.




To participate with your original music in this category, maximum length of 6 min is allowed to enter.

How do you apply? It’s simple! Prepare your composition as an mp3 file, fill out your basic music details as the composer, upload your music in the next step, and pay your entry fee. Enter here


Prizes in the current year of FMC are worth more than € 20,000!! We are continually striving to expand and add to these prizes for the contest.


The overall winner of the category could have the composition used by the State Theatre in Košice, and their music will be made available to the general public and domestic and foreign theatre visitors.

We are pleased to present this prize. It could be the start of your professional career or even an extension of your existing portfolio.