1. Identification data of the Controller: Natural person Mgr. Vladimír Železňák Umelecká Spoločnosť GONG Košice as the Controller (the “Controller”) is responsible for the security and protection of the entrusted personal data in full compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the “GDPR”) and with Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 18/2018, on the protection of personal data and on the amendment and supplement of some other Acts, as amended.
    Natural person Mgr. Vladimír Železňák Umelecká Spoločnosť GONG Košice, Company ID No. 10778209, registered office Hemerkova 27, 040 23, Košice. Registered with the Trade Office of the Košice District Office, trades register No. 803-3327
  2. Purpose of the processing of the personal data
    The processing of data from the online form for registration to the FMC or its accompanying events. The processing of personal data for the purpose of ensuring the provision of information by the Controller before, during and after the competition, and for the information and documentation purposes of the Controller. For the purpose of identifying the participant for the needs of the evaluation process related to FMC events and its accompanying competitions organised by the Controller.
  3. List of personal data
    Name, surname, city, country, email, date and status of registration, date and status of payment.
  4. Duration of consent: The user’s consent shall become valid at the moment of the voluntary provision of consent through the highlighting (checking) of the applicable field in the electronic form and will remain valid for all registered persons for the duration of the competition and, for the winners, for five years or until the user withdraws his/her consent. After the end of the competition, the Controller shall automatically remove and delete all the personal data provided in the application form from the database.
  5. DATA TRANSFER Personal data of a user will not be published or provided to any third party by the Controller.
    When he/she visits and during the subsequent use of the official website of the FMC competition and its Controller, a user – affected person – may provide to the Controller with his/her personal data. Personal data of a user may be provided through the voluntary registration process when subscribing to the newsletter in the official application form for the competition, and also through the email address, whereby the user can be identified.
    The provision of personal data is voluntary. One necessary condition for the processing of personal data of a user by the Controller for the purpose of sending the newsletter is the granting by the user of his/her consent with the processing of personal data within the necessary scope and with the sending of marketing messages, while this consent is the sole legal basis for the processing of the personal data provided by the user (email address). In order to ensure the Controller has the authority to process the provided personal data, a user must express his/her consent with the retention and further processing of the personal data obtained, within the scope needed to achieve the purpose determined in this written information.
  7. Group Data Protection Officer:
    The person responsible for protecting personal data for the FMC (B.C. Erika Šipošová). She acts on behalf of all the members of the Controller in connection with the protection of personal data. The Group Data Protection Officer will answer any questions you may have relating to the processing of your personal data, the obligations arising for a competition participant from the applicable personal data protection legislation, or questions relating to information contained in the competition rules.You can contact the Group Data Protection Officer using the following contact data:
    email address siposova.erika@centrum.sk,
    by writing to the address: Strojárenska 3, Košice 040 01Personal data are stored on a protected server. Only the responsible person, the organiser, natural person Mgr. Vladimír Železňák Umelecká Spoločnosť GONG Košice, Company ID No. 10778209, registered office Hemerkova 27, 040 23, Košice, who is also the Controller and recipient of the personal data, have access to this information. The personal data will be processed in electronic form in an automated manner or in printed form in a non-automated manner.
  8. Information on the rights of the affected person: The rights of a user in relation to the protection of his/her personal data are defined primarily by Articles 12 to 22 of the GDPR, as amended. A user has the right, based on a written or emailed request addressed to the Controller (info@fmcontest.com), to request:
    1. confirmation as to whether the personal data about the user are or are not processed, access to the personal data of the user and information about them, as well as the correction of such data,
    2. restriction of the processing of personal data of the user, especially if they are incorrect,
    3. the deletion of personal data of the user, especially if the purpose of their processing is no longer valid or consent to their processing has been withdrawn,
    4. the transfer of personal data of the user to another Controller in a structured and machine-readable form.
  1. COOKIES During the use of the FMC website, “cookies” (small files that ensure the monitoring of the activity of a user on a website) may be stored on the device through which a user accesses the website. The conditions for the storage and management of such cookies are as follows:
  1. Additional information:


B: By registering for the competition, a competition participant concurrently provides his/her consent to the use of his/her likeness, written representations, images and audio and visual recordings relating to his/her person or expressions of a personal nature prepared by the organiser in connection with the implemented competition, and with the presentation of the prizes, for commercial purposes in all communication media irrespective of their nature and designation, and in all the usual methods, to their potential association with other works and to their inclusion into a set of works in accordance with Section 12(1) of Act No. 40/1964, the Civil Code, as amended (the Civil Code). A competition participant provides this consent to the organiser without any material, time, quantity or territorial limitation, and may withdraw it at any time. This consent also applies to third parties to which the Organiser provides the data specified in this paragraph in accordance with their intended purpose.