Rudolf Geri


Rudolf Geri is a Slovak music composer, music arranger, conductor and artistic director of the music company Gedur. He has become a prominent figure on the Slovak artistic, cultural and, above all, the music scene. He studied and conducted not only for national audience but also in other countries, for example My Fair Lady; Grand hotel; Blood Brothers; Oliver Twist; Sweet Charity; High Society; etc. As an artistic head of the Teatro Wüstenrot theatre, he has been studying and presenting for the audience the extremely successful and very popular American musical comedies after 2000, for example: Everyone has his Leon, Musical, etc.
He is the author of music for at least 150 films and theatre and TV productions. He has written six musicals – Dishevelled Gentlemen; Shepherd’s Flute Show; Crash Course on Geniality etc. His music is also associated with the generation of successful Slovak actors – Zuzana Tlučková, Igor Šimeg, Miro Noga and others. For six years, the conductor has successfully directed the musical ensemble of the Dracula musical in Prague, which has achieved an unbelievable number of 1,400 repetitions.