FMC-Film Music Contest 2021 Official Rules

  1. FMC is intended for all composers, filmmakers, musicians, soloists, music groups, producers without age and national restrictions.
  2. Competitive musical compositions, songs, films and videos must be the result of the author’s work and must not violate any copyright or the rights of a third party.
  3. In the competition is possible to include any number of musical compositions, songs, films and videos by filling in the online form, paying the application contest fee and uploading the composition, song, film, or video in the registration form.
  4. An author, composer, musician, filmmaker who wants to include more of his musical compositions, songs, films or videos have to fill in the registration form for each of them separately and pay for the application contest fee. All entry fees from the contest help to support new Children and Youth musical talents, future composers and activities for them.
  5. Accepted will be musical compositions and songs, exclusively in mp3 format, movies and videos in mp4 format with completely filled data in the registration form. These will be delivered to jury on the evaluation process.
  6. It is possible to include musical compositions, songs with a maximum length of 6 minutes, films and videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes. (if you have not received a confirmation email after the registration you are obliged to report it to the organizer).
  7. All properly registered audio and video files will be delivered to a member of the prestigious FMC International Jury. More about the jurors here:
  8. After completing the registration, the panel of jurors will select the finalists in each category from which they will name the absolute winner of the grand prize in each category. More about prizes here:
  9. In addition to the Absolute Winners in each category, the jury and organizers of the competition, may propose special prizes for other competitors which will be announced during the announcement of winners.
  10. The Jury and the main organizer of the competition reserve the right not to award first place in any of competition categories in the case that the quality requirements and criteria are not met.
  11. The following applies to all musical compositions involved in our competition: The contestant is the sole owner of his composition or film and also owns all of the Copyrights. Registration of music composition, song, film and video in the competition, in any case, does not affect or change this fact.
  12. In the categories Trailer Music, Music for Video Game, and Music for the Animated Sci-Fi Film To the pathfinders of Universe you are the sole owner of the rights to your musical composition. It is forbidden to share the movie with your music to third parties or upload it online for video platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. as well as upload this movie to private or public web sites pages. The Movies and Video Game in the competition is available for competition purposes only. Any sharing out of the competition without the consent of the film and video game authors is a copyright infringement.
  13. The advancing semifinalists, finalists and winners will be guided when having media outputs by rules they receive from our PR department. At this stage is not allowed own promotion initiative. Violation of these rules may result in immediate disqualification from the competition.
  14. By signing in the competition, the contestant agrees to respect and follow the competition rules and their revisions and also to respect the competition organisers and accept the results and judgments of the jury, which are firm and binding.