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Symphonic Orchestral Music

Symphonic Orchestral Music

In recent years you have entered some very beautiful and highly professional orchestral compositions in FMC, and the standard continues to rise.

Based on past experience, we believe that this music and its composers deserve more attention with a competition category of their own. In an effort to inspire other music composers and conductors, we have decided to open a new separate competition category in the jubilee year of FMC 2023:

Symphonic Orchestral Music category is for Composers,Chamber Groups (of any kind) Ensembles and Orchestras of All ages and Nationalities.

This category is for orchestral compositions that draw on virtual sounds and libraries, as well as for all types of original orchestral music using live instruments.

Please note! Submit your cinematic orchestral compositions to the Music for Film, TV, Ads category

Register with your own studio recordingslive recordings from concerts or performances, or demo recordings.

Musical compositions and pieces must have a maximum length of 6 minutes, exclusively in mp3 format.

Important!! Before uploading. Please name your music file with the following info: Name of the Category-Your Name, Surname-Title of your song/composition

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