Trailer music


Do you already have experience in composing trailer music for film, video, tv? Do you want to show your talent in film/TV trailer music?


Then this category is right for you. Equal conditions for everybody, equal start, the same film.


Each composition will be unique and original, and it is entirely up to you how you will enrich the film in terms of music and sound.


We are welcoming the decision of „Lorinc production“ to enter into cooperation with us. We are bringing all composers a unique opportunity to compose Trailer music for a professional travel documentary film THE WAY OF INSPIRATION ICELAND“ in a total length of 3:47minutes.


Iceland- popular spot and prominent location for Hollywood blockbuster films or tv series (Star Wars, Prometheus, Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Discovery, Interstellar, James Bond-Die Another Day, Fast & Furious 8)


Prestigious international jury members working for Hollywood, European, Asian film studios, National TV stations, Netflix etc. – CLICK HERE
All entry fees from the contest help support new Children and Youth musical talents, future composers and activities for them organized by the non-profit GONG art company.

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Please save an email confirming your registration. After successfully submitting the application, expect a confirmation email about your registration, containing your unique ID and a link to download the video for you at your email address.


How and where do I send a movie with my music?

Open your registration confirmation email and click on: Link to the upload form. Upload a movie with your music to our custom made registration system in mp4 format with a maximum file size of up to 500mb. After successful upload, you will receive a confirmation email.


We wish all entrants lots of success in the contest.


The deadline for Trailer Music Category is- 31.7. 2021