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About FMC

What is the FMC?

FMC-Film Music Contest is the biggest international music competition and awards of its kind in Europe expanding to Asia intended for composers of original music for Film, TV, Ads, Videogames. For sound designers, bands, musicians, instrumentalists, soloists, producers, filmmakers, and videographers, with no age limits and irrespective of nationality or country of origin.

FMC collaborates with professional music, film magazines, news portals, press agencies, journalists, etc. during the contest, searching for artists in all countries on all continents.

Prizes valued at 150,000 euros distributed so far to winners
Winners awarded until now
Media portals and websites around the world have published info press news about FMC
Participants from 6 continents and over 58 countries
Juan Carlos Ferrer

When I first heard about the FMC I had already passed on several contests, but I took special interest and submitted my music for the first time. I was thrilled to know I was the first composer from Puerto Rico to participate in such a prestigious competition. To win 2nd place in the Instrumental Music Category was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever felt as a composer. I learned that you must never underestimate your capacity and that testing your skills will help you grow as a musician and as a composer. I will encourage others to participate in the future. I want to express my appreciation to all the FMC team for an excellent work and for their commitment towards composers. It’s been a great honor to be part of this year’s competition.

Bryan Teoh

Thank you FMC 2022 for organizing this competition and enabling composers from all over the world to share their passion for media music! It’s a pleasure to be able to share this experience with so many talented individuals and I’m honored to be recognized as the Absolute Winner for the category of music for films, tv, ads, and video games. Music composition/production is often a solitary behind the scenes endeavor, so it’s nice to have an event such as this that recognizes those efforts. I hope this event continues to inspire and motivate composers for many years to come.

Daniel Sinagra

This year’s FMC has given me great confidence in my musical abilities and has allowed me to improve my scoring skills . I am honored to have received 2nd place in the ‘Video Game Scoring Category’ an I encourage anyone to participate. I thank all of the FMC organization and congratulate all participants and winners!

Gabriel Iwasaki

I am honored to be among the few latinamerican composers to be awarded as an absolute winner in this competition, but particularly proud for being the first peruvian one. I always thought that my composition “The Sound of Adventure” had potential. I think this piece, which ranges from mellow to dramatic, to heavy adventurous cinematic music, brilliantly englobes most of my music identity as a composer. Thank you FMC 2022 for giving me opportunity to show my music to a broader audience and for the jury for giving my piece the recognizition I always thought it deserved.


„La prova del successo dei concorrenti italiani all’interno della competizione è dimostrata dal fatto che arrivano regolarmente in finale o comunque ottengono un posizionamento molto alto nella classifica complessiva“

Australian Musician magazine

„Always dreamed of scoring a film or TV show? Well here is your opportunity to introduce your music to the world and in doing so, be in the running for some great prizes too.“

SOS-Soun on Sound

„This years Film Music Contest has officially launched, with all music and film artists able to submit their compositions and films featuring original scores. Intended for composers of original music for film, TV, adverts, and video games, the FMC is the largest international competition and awards of its kind in Europe.“

Music News

„FMC categories are definitely open to any musician or composer, so everyone is sure to find the category they identify with in terms of composition and musical arrangement. The entire process of registering for the competition, composing a new song, working on attractive visuals, and doing the final mixing and mastering in your studio before delivering entries is very interesting and highly creative.“