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The FMC-Film Music Contest will continue in 2019/2020

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FMC gala-concert, 4.4.2019 – Photogallery

Announcement of results – FMC gala-concert, 4.4.2019

Film Music Contest- Original Trophies for our Winners

After much difficult decision making during late night sessions
we’re happy to announce our

For those of you who registered we’d like to thank you for your vote of confidence in our contest.

The names of the overall winners will be announced by the judges at the FMC gala-concert, 4.4.2019 in the great hall of the historical town hall in Kosice.

We think that it is a good time to introduce you the names of our prestigious jury in MUSIC category.

Vlado Meller (USA) Chairman of the jury.
Vlado is on of the best, undisputed masters of mastering. Two-time GRAMMY Award winner, Artists that Vlado Meller has mastered include: Oasis, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many, many more
Rudolf Geri (SK)
Music composer, music arranger, conductor and artistic director of the music company Gedur. Author of music for at least 150 films and theatre and TV productions
Paul Wiffen (UK)
Worked as a musician, pianist, sound designer and music programmer for 20 years. Doing sound design work for Vangelis for Hollywood Blockbusters. Worked with award-winning composers Mark Isham and Hans Zimmer…


Why sign up for the FMC?

  1. Because the competition organiser is giving out prizes worth EUR 10 000 in total to the winners.
  2. The winners in each category will receive a “Grand Prize”.
  3. The best hospitality and personal VIP attendance for you.
  4. Fully-reimbursed costs and no expenses.
  5. Personalised prizes and gifts.
  6. Media attention and a boost for your CV.
  7. Because we have the experience, we know musicians and want to create a space for their presentation.
  8. To boost and strengthen your portfolio for your professional growth and career.

What is the FMC?

The FMC is a unique international competition for creators of original film and television music, composers, bands, musicians, producers, soloists, authors of Feature, Short films, Videos with original music, with no age restriction and regardless of nationality or country of residence.

It is intended for original film or television compositions (with vocal or without) as well as instrumental compositions, compositions without text, and Feature, Short films and videos with original music.

The mission

To provide new or professional musicians and creators of films, videos and graphics the opportunity of getting their work into an internationally competitive environment via the internet from the comfort of their own PC at home or in a studio. To provide judging by an international jury made up of music and film experts.


This competition is intended for the authors of original film and television music, musical compositions and instrumental compositions. You can find more information HERE:

Feature, Short film and video competition:

This competition is intended for filmmakers, and authors of Feature, Short films and videos with original music. You can find more information about this FMC category and its rules on our website HERE:


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Mastering Session with Vlado Meller in Kosice. First time in Europe!

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