Film Music Contest (FMC 2020)-Announcement of the winners

Until the start of the FMC 2020

FMC 2020 contest categories:

FMC 2020 Prestigious International panel of judges:


Vlado Meller


Vlado is on of the best, undisputed masters of mastering. Two-time GRAMMY Award winner…

Adam Balazs


Adam Balazs is a multi-award winning film composer with a body of work that includes more than 50 feature…


Paul Wiffen


First feature film Paul worked on was Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner with Greek composer of…

Mark Baxter


or thirty-five years, Mark Baxter has helped thousands of singers with his unique approach to…

Lee Oskar


Lee Oskar is an internationally acclaimed harmonica virtuoso, composer, producer…

Kaori Kayo


Worked as a painter and art director in NY for 15 years. Has experience having a group show…

Anthony J.Resta


The discography of Anthony J. Resta, composer , record producer and multi-instrumentalist…

Gianni Ephrikian


Composer, conductor and son of art, Gianni Ephrikian has collaborated with numerous artists…

Ataru Mukaezato


Born in Ishigaki Island of Okinawa, Japan known worldwide for its art and music. Working as…


Rudolf Geri


Rudolf Geri is a Slovak music composer, music arranger, conductor and artistic director of…

FMC 2020

What is the FMC?

FMC is a unique international competition for creators of original film and TV music, for composers, bands, musicians, producers, soloists in instrumental, theater, electronic and gospel/Christian music, with no age limits and irrespective of nationality or country of origin. In the ‘Voice’ category, we do not require authored compositions, we are only looking for a “golden voice”.

Why register for the FMC?

    1. This could be best answered by last year’s winners and some of the participants from 38 countries.
    2. The contest’s organiser has allocated prizes for the winners with a total value of EUR 20,000.
    3. Winners in individual categories will win the grand prize.
    4. The event includes worldwide online promotion of the winner in all communication channels used in the contest.
    5. The winners will receive handmade FMC trophies.
    6. The event includes media attention from electronic and print media outlets.
    7. We have experience, we appreciate musicians and we create the space to publicly present them.
    8. Participation in our contest will benefit your career portfolio.

Our main objective

Our main objective is to give people the opportunity to include their creations and talent in an online, international competitive environment from the convenience of their computers, homes or studios, and to have their abilities assessed by a prestigious international panel of judges.


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