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About the organiser


The GONG Art Company has been working on cultural activities for nearly 30 years. Its portfolio includes organising many different cultural events. For 10 years now it has been cooperating with different Radios and TV stations in Europe.

In cooperation with Radios and Televisions, GONG has produced more than 500 music video clips. It has also produced just as many compositions in its own studio, the most successful of them being released on CD and receiving numerous gold and platinum awards. It has also released many other music titles.

GONG has organised three annual Children’s Eurostar international talent competitions and numerous music concerts at home and abroad. This year, it is preparing the 29th annual children’s singing contest ‘Little Star’. The company has always worked with renowned lyricists, TV directors and radio staff, as well as foreign media partners, diplomatic missions and cultural institutions. It has also communicated with local and national media organisations.

Currently, GONG is preparing new TV projects, an international instrumental music contest, an international children’s festival and other cultural activities and events. Its current music and publishing activities include producing instrumental and film music in cooperation with foreign directors and film producers.

Our recording studio has produced and released more than 500 original children’s compositions on CD and received gold and platinum awards.

FMC organisers participate in the biggest film and TV events, where they personally negotiate new partnerships and cooperation and present the FMC.

For the first time and in cooperation with Vlado Meller, the GONG Art Company has organised a mastering workshop for professionals in the EU.

Music and mix school:

For three years, our music team has been the only in Slovakia teaching future music professionals the art of music recording, mixing and mastering. At a special school in year-round classes twice a week, Slovak and international instructors teach beginners and advanced students alike all aspects of production and music post-production. The studies focus on acoustics, recording all music genres, recording song and individual instruments, working with music hardware and software, editing and modifying recordings, mixing and mastering.

Working with children, youth and adults, GONG regularly organises numerous music concerts, prepares original music performances and dance programmes and discovers and introduces new talent.

For nearly 30 years, GONG has been organising the longest-running annual children’s singing competition ‘Little Star’.