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Your donation will help support:
– activities hosted by Gong Art Company, focused on development of free-time activities for adults, children and youth. Nearly 30 years of ongoing work and experience are a guarantee of this.
– implementing the current project: Developing the activities of a children’s music and TV studio. This will be intended for education, practical hours, recording of new children’s talent free of charge for all children.
Recording studio:
– In it we will record children’s vocal groups, soloist singers of various genres and literary-drama spoken word performances for the

TV studio:
– In the TV studio we will present contributions, reports, short animated films, clips and documentaries produced exclusively by children for TV. With the supervision of adult professionals, the child creators will learn to work with current film and post-production technology.

Our activities

– music education activities, programmes, workshops, events for adults and youth

-reprezentácia našich medzinárodných projektov na najprestížnejších eventoch v zahraničí: European Film Market Berlin, Cannes Film Festival and Marché du Film, Balkan Film Market Tirana, NATPE Budapest,

– representation of our international projects at prestigious events abroad:

– multi-year instruction in music and PC: complete and detailed instruction in sound, mixing and mastering of music, acoustic design of spaces and music recording studios, practical hours, recording, etc.

– support for traditional folk music and independent folk groups and singing groups

– art shows and exhibitions of work and paintings for seniors

– instruction in special adjustment of materials during creation of artistic works

– music production and events for children and youth

– We have organised 3 annual Children’s Eurostar international talent competitions, and we would like to continue with this competition. Your financial support will make the following possible:

 – organisation of the oldest children’s singing competition in Slovakia, Hviezdička, which means “Little Star” and which is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its founding

10 years broadcast as the most successful children’s programme on Slovak public television.

– we have produced more than 500 original children’s compositions released on CD, which have earned gold and silver records at home

– we regularly organise a wide range of music concerts, and we prepare original musical performances and dance programmes. We discover and present new talent, and we work with children, youth and adults.

Where will your contribution go?

To technology: enhancement of equipment in a recording studio, development and inclusion of a children’s TV broadcast studio

To people: International events organised by the private sectors have many staff and subcontractors with unrivalled budgets for organisation. We have a smaller international team consisting of professionals as well as volunteers. Your gift will make an excellent investment into a highly effective non-profit organisation and cover costs for year-round work often in free time.

Your donation will help support:

FMC: A year-round organisation of a unique international original film and TV music competition featuring instrumental compositions and other genres, Film Music Contest (FMC)

The FMC orchestra: : Helping ensure arrangements for the final gala concert of the Film Music Contest and award ceremony for professional musicians and members of the FMC orchestra. Covering costs for material and technical arrangements, travel expenses and paid royalties.

International Mastering Workshop: The next annual International Mastering Workshop, organised in Europe with master legend Vlad Meller. Development and education of professional musicians and advancement of their knowledge to the highest level.

School of music and mixing: For 3 years already, our music team has been the only one in Slovakia teaching future music professionals in the art of music mixing. At a special year-round school twice per week, national and international instructors teach total beginners as well as more advanced students about all aspects of production and post-production of music. Studio design, music recording, singing, instruments, bands, work with music hardware and software, editing of recordings and mixing itself.

The 30th annual event focused on musical production and events for children and youth: a children’s singing competition, an international children’s festival, children’s music CD, video clips and film.

The Gong non-profit organisation has been helping to discover and promote children’s talent in national and international projects for 30 years. It is the holder of gold and platinum awards for the sale of original children’s compositions. It has produced more than 500 original children’s songs. It is organising its 30th anniversary as the oldest national children’s singing competition. It has 3 years of experience with international children’s talent competitions.

Please click the link below to make a one-time voluntary donation in any amount or a monthly recurring donation.