Your donation will help support:
– activities hosted by Gong Art Company, focused on development of free-time activities for adults, children and youth. Nearly 30 years of ongoing work and experience are a guarantee of this.
– implementing the current project: Developing the activities of a children’s music and TV studio. This will be intended for education, practical hours, recording of new children’s talent free of charge for all children.
Recording studio:
– In it we will record children’s vocal groups, soloist singers of various genres and literary-drama spoken word performances for the

TV studio:
– In the TV studio we will present contributions, reports, short animated films, clips and documentaries produced exclusively by children for TV. With the supervision of adult professionals, the child creators will learn to work with current film and post-production technology.[/vc_column_text]

Where will your contribution go?

To technology: enhancement of equipment in a recording studio, development and inclusion of a children’s TV broadcast studio

To people: International events organised by the private sectors have many staff and subcontractors with unrivalled budgets for organisation. We have a smaller international team consisting of professionals as well as volunteers. Your gift will make an excellent investment into a highly effective non-profit organisation and cover costs for year-round work often in free time.


Our activities

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