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FMC 2022 Semifinalists- INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC

Congratulations, from amongst the huge number of contestants from different parts of the world, your entry has caught the attention of the jury and you have been selected for the semi-final of our competition.


Each of you is now just a small step away from the final and the chance of winning! We wish you all every success.


Next steps, finalists will be announced once we will receive the results from the jury.


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Name Country
MohammadReza Ajdari IRAN
Kody Daniel USA
Brian Field USA
Marianna Fasone ITALY
Lorenzo Vignozzi ITALY
Sid De La Cruz USA
Jordan Razowsky USA
Hector Law HONG KONG
Gloria Villanueva SPAIN
Francesco Furlanich ITALY
Gabriel Iwasaki PERU
Bozidar Andjelkovic SERBIA
Riccardo Zacché ITALY
Peter Schiffmann GERMANY
Fulvio Pietramala ITALY
Chris Forsgren USA
Patrick Savina AUSTRALIA
Luigi Friotto ITALY
Juan Carlos Ferrer PUERTO RICO
Hudson Dong USA
Nicolás Castro CHILE
Nadina Tziatziou GREECE
Shirley Choi HONG KONG
Gian Luca Nigro ITALY
Marc Hazon FRANCE