FMC-Film Music Contest is pleased to announce our 2020 Finalists!


Congratulations to all finalists. The official announcement of the winners of the FMC 2020 will take place online. We will be recording it on cameras and share the final video edit with you. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you will not miss the announcement of the final results and statement of our jury members. Date and time of the video premiere will be announced soon on our promo channels.


FMC 2020 Finalists: Original music for Film, TV, Ads, Video games


FMC 2020 Finalists: Original music for the film Kerama Blue


FMC 2020 Finalists: Instrumental music


FMC 2020 Finalists: Original Theater music

FMC 2020 Finalists: Electronic music for the film Perpetual motion

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