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FMC VIP artist travel stay 2023


The main organisers of the international competition and festival known as the FMC– Film Music Contest and Awards — recently held the prize-giving ceremony as part of an exclusive four-day FMC VIP Artist Travel Stay in Budapest, Hungary. The event drew together artists from the film, music and fashion industries, along with media partners and representatives of tech companies producing specialist hardware and software products.

A busy and varied programme for all members
The participants were in for a busy and varied programme over the weekend. A tour tailored to all the participants was split into two parts. The first was devoted to the major landmarks on the Pest side of the city. The light rain on the first day did little to spoil the tour as the participants enjoyed a comfortable transfer in a secured bus that took them to all the top spots, where an ever-attentive personal guide – on hand the whole weekend – explained the local sights to them.

Private tour of the House of Music in Budapest
After exploring the Pest side of town, the guests were given a private VIP tour and meeting with the deputy director of the House of Music. She took the group behind the scenes of this extraordinary complex and let them see places that are out of bounds for ordinary visitors: the backstage of the music halls, the artists’ dressing rooms, and various other spaces. The group also experienced a sneak peek of the audio and video rooms with the lead video engineer, who demonstrated and explained the entire process of filming and streaming live concerts, editing video material, and much more. The participants thoroughly enjoyed this enormous and amazing venue designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. On the day of the tour, an all-day event, LET’S PLAY MUSIC! – THE NEW POSSIBILITIES OF MUSIC OUTREACH, CONFERENCE AND SHOWCASE, was being hosted there, and all members of the group were given tickets for it on their way out.

The second leg continued the next day with a guided tour and private transfer taking the participants to the Buda side of the city and Buda Castle Hill. The stunning views inspired many of them to capture the beautiful scenes in photos and on video. The tour was rounded off by a return to the place where the Christmas markets were being set up and a visit to St Stephen’s Basilica, before everyone went to the hotel for the presentation of prizes to the FMC winners.

Rooftop FMC ceremony with the cameras rolling and photo Shooting

With exclusive panoramic view of the whole of Budapest.

FMC Budapest private boat tour on the Danube
A private boat tour on the Danube, another pleasant surprise in the afternoon, was specially timed to show the cruise guests the two faces of Budapest. A private boat chartered just for FMC took the participants in one direction while it was still light and the sun was setting, and then in the other when it was dark, treating them to glorious views of night-time Budapest and its illuminated landmarks as they cruised along the Danube. This was a special time and place for souvenir videos and photos with amazing scenery. The cruise was the perfect end to a busy day and a packed programme for the guests. They then strolled through Budapest to a final farewell dinner together. Naturally, the guests were able to sample traditional Hungarian cuisine and a variety of dishes, which were also available to them throughout their stay.

Networking, contacts, new friendships and collaborations
During the FMC event in Budapest there was plenty of opportunity for networking, establishing new contacts and connections, and forming new collaborations and friendships. Most importantly, everyone went home from the event with enough unforgettable experiences to last a lifetime.

Next FMC VIP Artist Travel Stay in the pipeline
“We want to continue these joint VIP Artist Travel Stay events and intensify them next year. In future iterations we plan to boost the workshop and educational aspect of the whole event and to connect and bring music and film companies producing great products even closer to their users: artists from all over the world. We are also keen to broaden the experiential part of the event. To that end, we have already prepared new exciting locations that the participants are sure to enjoy. We will again explore the wonders of a city and organise the whole stay in the friendly ambience of a family event made up of small groups,” said FMC director Mgr. Vlado Železňák JR.

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