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PSPAudioware rewarded absolute winners of FMC 2020 (Demo)


PSPAudioware rewarded absolute winners of FMC 2020


PSPAudioware prepared a tailor-made complete PSPAudioware Plugins Bundle of high value for absolute winners of the current year of Film Music Contest. The most talented composers were thus provided with the high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins of the highest quality from their offer that every musician should have.


This year they were the following products such as: PSP InfiniStrip, PSP VintageWarmer2, PSP MasterQ2, Lexicon PSP 42, PSP 2445 EMT, PSP Xenon, PSP 608 MD, PSP MasterComp, PSP MixPack2, PSP Neon


FMC-Film Music Contest is a unique international contest for composers of original music for Film, TV, Ads, Videogames, for sound designers, bands, musicians, producers, soloists in instrumental, theater, electronic music, with no age limits and irrespective of nationality or country of origin. The biggest contest of its kind in Europe expanding to Asia with this edition.


PSP Audioware celebrates its 20th anniversary and their products are used by world-class Grammy-winning, Golden Glob-winning and MultiPlatinum record: mixers, producers, engineers, guitarists and songwriters such as:


Steve Levine: producer, mixer and engineer The Clash, Culture Club, The Beach Boys, Motorhead, Ziggy Marley

Ian Boxill: Grammy and Golden mixer and engineer Prince, Quincy Jones,Tupac Shakur,Janet Jackson

Marcus Siepen: guitarist, songwriter Blind Guardian, Sinbreed, Demons & Wizards

Jurij Gianluca Ricotti: musician, composer & sound engineer Andrea Bocelli, Ennio Morricone, Ariana Grande, Tony Renis ..

Alan Mayerson: Grammy-winning scoring mixer Mulan, Dark Knight, Gladiator, Shrek, the Pirates of the Caribbean …


PSP develops high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins. PSP products garner rave reviews and endorsements from every corner of the music production, engineering, composition, and post-production worlds.  Their plug-ins have become staples in professional and home studios worldwide.  Company credo explains PSP Audioware simple philosophy: It’s The Sound That Counts!


We believe that we will reward our future winners again with the high quality audio effect and processor plug-ins from PSPAudioware and the cooperation with the Film Music Contest will continue successfully in the next year’s FMC. These valuable rewards for our composers and musicians, but especially the absolute winners in each category will be a great enhancement to their music software arsenal, which they will use when working on their new projects.