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The FMC-Film Music Contest will continue in 2019/2020 (Demo)


We are delighted to announce that the Film Music Contest will continue for another year!

The many months of preparation for our global start and the acceptance of registrations have already begun. We are preparing a number of new features for next year’s event and you definitely have something to look forward to.

If you would like to be one of the first to learn of the opening date and the new features we are planning, please subscribe here to receive information about the FMC.

Musicians and filmmakers from 38 countries registered for this year’s FMC. The number of truly talented composers from around the world and the beautiful and unique works they presented has been a strong motivation for the entire organisational and implementation team to start working, continuously and faithfully, on the next year’s competition, which will bring an all-round expansion of the current structure, as well as new opportunities and openings for those composers who decide to participate in it.

Our thanks to everyone for their faith in us and we are already looking forward to all the updates and news we will bring you at the start of the new FMC 2019/2020.