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Commencement of the FMC-Film Music Contest and worldwide contest opening! (Demo)


Commencement of the FMC-Film Music Contest and worldwide contest opening!

The new and unique international project FMC-Film Music Contest, which premiered at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival and Market, has commenced and the contest is now open across the world. Under an ongoing international PR campaign, the FMC-Film Music Contest has been presented in several countries so far and is gaining more and more fans and building new partnerships with film and TV professionals. The contest invites talented composers and film and graphics authors to join the international environment of this prestigious contest.

FMC-Film Music Contest on tour in the Balkans!

Representatives and heads of the film and TV industry from 25 countries, film institutions, festivals and EU institutions supporting audio-visual enterprises met each other at the annual international Balkan Film Market organized in Tirana, capital of Albania.

FMC also attended this significant event, where it started its Balkan tour. FMC was personally represented by Slovak producer and director of the international FMC-Film Music Contest, Vlado Železňák Jr., on behalf of the main contest organizer, the Gong Art Company.

Director of the FMC-Film Music Contest opened worldwide registration and presented the latest news at the Balkan Film Market.

During the week-long event of presentations, workshops and forums, the FMC was introduced at many personal meetings and discussions with representatives of participating countries, who received news and details of FMC and the worldwide opening of the contest.

The meetings and discussions with Albanian film makers and organizers of the BFM were very productive and encouraged future possibilities of international cooperation with film makers on certain ongoing projects. The FMC director expressed his personal appreciation and congratulations to the organizers and BFM Director, Andamion Murataj, for a well-organized and prestigious event at such a high level.

The FMC was also presented on Albanian TV as part of an intensive promotional programme. All the news and details was shared with prospective candidates and authors in Albania.

Interviewed on Albanian TV, the FMC director spoke about his participation in the Balkan Film Market and presented a history of the Gong Art Company and its current and future TV and film projects.

The Gong Art Company has been engaged in cultural activities for more than 29 years. The company organizes national and international events, performs professional studio recording, music production and postproduction, works in TV and film and also produces original children’s content.