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Filmmakers and national TV stations may submit their audio-visual productions with original music, composers, sound designers may compose for Films in the FMC 2021 (Demo)


Filmmakers, Indie film artists and national TV stations may submit their audio-visual productions with original music in the FMC 2021.


FMC-Film Music Contest 2021 the unique international music competition and awards and one of the largest competitions of its kind in Europe expanding into Asia.



1. Films, TV series, videos with original music

Film and TV creators, production companies, national and private television stations, independent creators and audio-visual content producers may also participate in the new year of the unique international competition and awards FMC-Film Music Contest 2021.


You may submit films, videos and TV series of any genre without regard to the date of their creation. This includes any experimental, animated, documentary sci-fi films, films for children or genre hybrids with original music.


The music is the main and most important component evaluated in these works.


Members of the prestigious international jury FMC 2021 will decide which films or television series with original music will be this year’s finalists and who will be the overall winner.


“In the past, we have discovered many very interesting films, videos and serials in different genres from many countries around the world for this category. The works were often visually ambitious; however, we were mainly interested in the sound component of the film and the original music score. We also screened the finalists at the closing gala ceremony, and it was a genuine experience for all the international guests in the hall,” said FMC Director Vlado Železňák Jr.


In the past, this competition category was dominated by American and EU production, but also included works from Australia and New Zealand.


“Since FMC is attempting to incorporate Asia, we believe that Asian filmmakers and television with their extensive and high-quality production will also sign up for this year’s competition,” added Vlado Železňák Jr.


You can submit your films and videos in mp4 format with a maximum file size of 500MB to this category with a maximum length of 10 minutes.


The Deadline to enter Films, TV series, videos with original music is 31.8. 2021


Who will judge and listen to competition entries?

An elite group of professionals from the EU, USA, Asia and Australia will be made up of representatives from the music and film business who actively work for national TV broadcasters, the largest Asian and Hollywood film studios, cultural or theater institutions, agencies as well as for Netflix.


Valuable Prizes

Organizers are proud that thanks to this year’s exclusive partners as well as event partners the prizes will be in such a high value of more than 58 000 Euros.