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FMC 2021 is looking for Instrumental, Theatre, Video Game music compositions from around the world. (Demo)


FMC 2021 is looking for Instrumental, Theatre, Film music compositions from around the world.


Registration for the popular competition categories “Instrumental Music”, “Theatre Music” and “Original music for film, tv, ads video games” is still open. The deadline to enter is coming soon. 31.8. 2021




1. Instrumental Music Competition

The competition is for Composers, Soloists, Instrumentalists, Chamber Groups (of any kind) Ensembles and Orchestras.


The competition is unrestricted, and musicians and players who play a classical instrument such as brass (trumpet, trombone and baritone), piano, classical guitar, cello, clarinet, double bass, flute, violin or viola or any special cultural instrument may enter the competition.


Only original music compositions and works with a maximum length of six minutes may be entered in the competition. It is not a condition that the compositions have never been previously presented. They can be older music works which have already been presented at concerts, performances or other public forms or online. Of course, contestants may include brand new compositions which have not yet been presented publicly.


These can be studio or demo recordings, or live recordings of performances and concerts.


In this category, FMC is looking to discover new, talented musicians and composers and to reward their beautiful and original musical compositions. At the end of the competition, FMC then promotes the compositions on its official channels and at foreign presentations.


Registration in this category is open online, directly on the competition page, where you can find all the information you need and the registration form.



The Deadline to enter original compositions in the Instrumental Music Competition is 31.8. 2021


2.Theatre Music

National, private and independent theatres, theatre institutions and organizations may this year also enter the category “Theatre music” with their performances of music for theatre. It is exclusively intended for theatre music. Any music compositions, including those which have already been or will be part of theatre performances, may be registered.


Studio, demo recordings or recordings from live performances of any type with a maximum length of up to six minutes will be accepted.


In addition to theatres, composers who work directly with theatres and compose original music to create an unforgettable theatre performance experience may also enter this category. This also allows composers who are beginning this style of music and who may not yet have had an opportunity to create music directly for theatre achieve this goal.


“Theatres use a lot of interesting music in their programme structures, and much of it has already been heard in performances. We recognized this in previous years of the competition and are looking forward to this year’s entries. The best compositions for theatre will be selected by an international panel of judges, who are eagerly awaiting to hear the music and decide on the winners,” said FMC Director Vlado Železňák JR.


Registration for original theatre music is already underway online, directly on the competition website, where you can find all the information, details and registration form.



The deadline to enter Theatre Music competition is: 31.8. 2021


3. Original music for film,tv,ads video games

Do you have a finished music composition suitable for Film, TV, Ads or Video Games in your portfolio? Therefore, this category is the right one for you.

This category is open for Composers, Musicians, Producers, Sound Designers of all ages and nationalities.

Your music entries can be composed using any Virtual instruments, Sounds and PluginsLive instrumentsBands, Small or Large Orchestras, or Choirs.

They can be Studio, Demo recordings or Live from your performances with a maximum length of 6 minutes in mp3 format.



The deadline to enter Compose music for Video Game “Air Missions: HIND” is 31.7. 2021


Members of a prestigious international jury from EU, Australia, USA, Asia who actively work in the music and film industry will select the best compositions. Many of the jury are great instrumental players who have had their compositions used in various films, TV shows, projects, video games, commercials or concert performances.


Each finished and submitted composition involved in the evaluation process has a chance to win any of the prizes in the competition with a total value of more than 58 000 Euros. In addition to the Absolute Winners the jury and organizers of the competition, may propose special prizes for other competitors which will be announced during the announcement of winners. The winners will also receive original custom made trophies and certificates that will be a reminder of the competition and an award for their success.