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FMC – Film Music Contest 2021 and Awards- Registration in all categories is open (Demo)


FMC – Film Music Contest 2021 and Awards- Registration in all categories is open


FMC 2021, the unique international music competition and awards and one of the largest competitions of its kind in Europe expanding into Asia, has opened online registration in this year’s competition categories. Composers have another opportunity to showcase their talent in an international competitive environment. An exclusive jury, composed of professional composers working for Hollywood, Netflix and national televisions, will award the best composers, musicians and filmmakers. The prizes for this year’s winners are values at a total of over EUR 58,000.


Along with the opening of the competition, FMC 2021’s official video trailer was also unveiled:


The main part of the competition is dedicated to music composers, sound designers, musicians, music producers, and music and cultural institutions. This year, FMC 2021 is also introducing the opportunity to choose a competing film and compose original music for it using unique creative and artistic concepts.


For the first time, the competition allows you to enter the video game world and compose music and design sound for an action video game scene.


FMC is looking to discover new musical talent from among the rising stars of film and TV music. It will also aid beginning composers to try out their work on a professional film or video game and test their skills in preparation for professional work in the film and music industry.


“For musicians, composers and producers who are already active in the industry, a competitive space provides the opportunity to showcase compositions for films, TV serials, commercials or video games. Musicians who enter the competition with their own original instrumental music will also be rewarded. We have also not forgotten about composers of theatre music,” said FMC Director Vlado Železňák Jr.


Another part of the competition is dedicated to films, TV serials, videos from filmmakers, independent creators, and national or private television broadcasters. They can submit their audio-visual works with original music. The best will be selected by members of the international jury for the finals, from which a winning film, series or video with original music will then be awarded.


Registration for all categories is open. Choose your category and enter.