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FMC 2018/2019 – Semi-finalists (Demo)


Congratulations, from amongst the huge number of contestants from 38 different parts of the world, your entry has caught the attention of the jury and you have been selected for the semi finale of our competition.

Each of you is now just a small step away from the final and the chance of winning! We wish you all every success.

  1. Dalibor Grubačević Croatia
  2. Rubén Contreras Spain
  3. Sandrine Rudaz USA
  4. Christophe Alvarez Canada
  5. Lars Hempel Germany
  6. Michael Firmont Germany
  7. Ana Krstajic Serbia
  8. Ferenc Bernath Hungary
  9. Jian Guo Wan-China
  10. Piotr Banka-Poland
  11. Jesús Miguel Ruiz-Spain
  12. Daniel La Cook USA
  13. Iannis Ikonomidis-Greece
  14. Pavol Brezina-Slovakia
  15. Farzad Kamfar-Sweden
  1. Rat Patron-France
  2. Ady Cohen-Israel
  3. Šimon Tomáš-Slovakia
  4. Gregory Giarelis-Greece
  5. Hannu Kela-Finland
  6. Lacasse Serge Canada
  7. Kirk Gazouleas-Greece
  8. Alexander Krasnov Russia
  9. Julie Vaillancourt Canada
  10. Igor Chekin-Russia
  11. Giovanni Ephrikian Italy
  12. Dmitry Demchenko Russia
  13. Carmine De Martino Italy
  14. Raymond A Porter New Zealand