FMC 2020 Semifinalists-Instrumental music


FMC 2020 Semifinalists-Instrumental music

Congratulations, from amongst the huge number of contestants from different parts of the world, your entry has caught the attention of the jury and you have been selected for the semi-final of our competition.


Each of you is now just a small step away from the final and the chance of winning! We wish you all every success.


Next steps, finalists will be announced soon! Finalists will be contacted via email.


Name Country
Jean-Christophe Rat-Patron France
Yuang Chen Canada
Shigenobu Orito Japan
Hannes Bieber Germany
Szymon Chyliński Poland
Leo Takami Japan
Daria Baiocchi Italy
Mihail Dragosinov-alias Michael Bush Germany
Andrea Guasco United Kingdom (UK)
Berton Carlo Italy
Jan Joshua Chiong Australia
Jonas Dept Belgium
Van Cooper United States (US)
Carla F. Benedicto Spain
Barbara Król Poland
Andrzej Rojek Belgium
Peter Schiffmann Germany
Roberto Galbiati Italy
Tomer George Cohen Israel
Szymon Markiewicz Poland
Emad Hamdy Egypt
Konstantin Neyaskin Russia
Teruyo Imai (Agent) Liu Jinge- Composer Japan
Jose Maria Cabria Calleja-alias NuvolutioN Spain
Nahuel Quipildor Argentina
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