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FMC 2020 Semifinalists-Original Theater music (Demo)


FMC 2020 Semifinalists-Original Theater music

Congratulations, from amongst the huge number of contestants from different parts of the world, your entry has caught the attention of the jury and you have been selected for the semi-final of our competition.


Each of you is now just a small step away from the final and the chance of winning! We wish you all every success.


Next steps, finalists will be announced soon! Finalists will be contacted via email.


Name Country
Maciej Heller Austria
Conny Conrad Germany
Andre Charbonneau France
Linda Uran Croatia
Lorenzo Carulli Italy
Yury Bekhtin Russia
Julio Sanchez-Regalado Aray Spain
Manuel Zanotti Italy
Jugoslav Jovanovic Serbia
Natalia Pikoul Portugal
Victor Spiegel Australia
Dragoi Eugen Dam Romania
Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou Greece
Markus Schimpp Germany
Quenel Yannael France
Benjamin Cox United Kingdom (UK)