The creators and organizational team are actively working on the new FMC, and it is already clear that it will be extended into other categories. This will allow you to participate in the competition if you produce music for other genres. This decision was influenced by the various musicians interested in competing.


The competition’s director, main organizer and members of the PR team travelled to Cannes for the 72nd year of the film festival to present the new FMC year to current and future partners. Cannes provides the chance to meet the most important film, music and TV business representatives from around the world, and we have taken full advantage of the opportunity.




Our participation in the most important film and TV events has always established new important contacts and international partnerships. The competition is also gradually becoming more visible around the world.

Regular personal communications and several previous negotiations and meetings from Cannes has let us form new partnerships that will shape next year’s contest. We will keep you up to date with all the news, and the first updates with info and changes will be posted on our official site soon.


At the European Film Music Day reception, the competition’s director met with several film music composers, music technicians and engineers, professional musicians and concert masters.


A photo with Michael Errington (Pianist, Film composer, producer) in the middle, who performs piano concerts around the world and has played for many well-known film actors and creators at the most prestigious events.




Meeting film producers, professionals from film industry in Kazakhstan and representatives from the University of Arts in Kazakhstan, which offers studies in many fields of music and is teaching talented future musicians and composers.





With representative of the Uzbekistan film industry, discussing potential future cooperation.




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