Prizes in the current year of FMC are worth more than € 20,000!!

We bring prizes to our music contest in the form of a complete advertising, software, hardware package and an original trophy for absolute winners. We are constantly negotiating new interesting and valuable prizes with other partners, so we will continually expand the content of our package.

Here are the awards for the new FMC 2020 that we will redistribute to the winners:

Lee Oskar Harmonicas for FMC 2020 winners:

(4) harmonicas (standard and three altered tunings) to each first place winner in the four categories (16 harmonicas) (2) harmonicas to to each second place winners in the four categories  (8 harmonicas) (1) harmonica to each third place winner in the four categories. (4 harmonicas)

Thus, a total of 28 harmonicas will be contributed.

Professional VST plugins for DAW. Music libraries designed for and by composers, sound designers and musicians. Music libraries with a massive collection of sounds from field recordings and effects, samples, virtual instruments. VST plugins perfect for film, tv, games, music and more. The absolute winner of the Original music for the Film Kerama Blue will receive: Soundiron The Kontakt Player Bundle is a collection of 13 premium Soundiron virtual instrument libraries that have been specially encoded by Native Instruments for the Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and NKS platform. This stellar collection includes Ambius Prime, Antidrum Machine, Apocalypse Percussion Elements, Elysium Harp, Emotional Piano, Glitch Hero, Mercury Boys’ Choir Elements, Motor Rhythms, Olympus Choir Elements, Requiem Light Symphonic Choir, Voices Of Gaia, Voices Of Rage and Voices Of Rapture. For the Winners of other categories are waiting  professional plugins such as:   Soundiron:

Best Service:

Red Room Audio:

Spaectrum Arts: LSP: ORIGIN