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Testimonials 2019

Testimonials 2019

I wish to thank the organisers and judges, the whole experience was enthralling, and being selected as a finalist was an honour.

Raymond A Porter- New Zealand

I applied to the FMC competition quite by accident at the urging of a friend. Although, I have quite a lot of film scores behind, I wanted to see how far I would get! Just for fun! I applied a piece from a feature film and to my surprise, entered the semi finals first, and then the finals. When I saw all the finalists it was really nice to be in the company of such talented artists around the world. The FMC competition itself is a big impulse for every aspiring composer and certainly a big boost to it’s music career in the future. Huge praise to the organizers for choosing this format of competition without the restrictions of countries, continents and also music genres!

Dalibor Grubačević – Croatia

„I felt fortunate being a finalist in the film section of the FMC contest, with my film Women: Beyond labels. A great way to honour the work of my fellow colleagues, Julie Antoine for her great idea and Jean-Yves Cardin, for the beautiful music. I felt grateful seeing our film cross boarders and images of ourselves screened in Slovakia. Seeing the images and music we created travel around the world is a gift in itself. Thanks to the team of FMC contest for their hard work. “

Julie Vaillancourt- Canada

For me it is an honor to be among the finalists of this great competition. The level of composers and jury was incredible. Thanks for the opportunity.

Rubén Contreras – Spain