Take a look at the reviews and evaluations from the judges, statements from last year’s winners and from certain finalists.

Watch the video with members of our prestigious international panel of judges and find out how they evaluated last year’s contributions.

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Watch the video with last year’s winners, who will answer your question, and we are sure will also inspire you to register and get involved in this year’s event.

For all of our Italian friends ad FMC fans!

The winner in the Film, Video category, a TV serial with original music from Giovanni Ephrikiani, will inform you of his participation in the competition and his impressions from the final gala concert and will present his evaluation of the FMC competition. Join in his success too, and get involved in this year’s event.

Michael Firmont, winner in the Original Film and TV Music category, evaluated our competition and answered one of your questions.

Our final gala concert and ceremony were also attended in person by the director of Balkan Film Market. It is one of the top international events not only for the Balkan, but for neighbouring countries as well. We are very pleased that you have found the time and have been present not only at the gala concert, but also at all accompanying activities. See his evaluation of our FMC competition and more.

Andamion Murataj talks about cooperation between Balkan Film Market and the Film Music Contest.

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